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DAMAGE UPDATE (Posted /21/2017 at 8:38 am)

Thank you all for your concerns and patience in receiving information. Please understand staff was not able to enter Marathon until this past Sunday. Below is a summary of some of the damage we have found. Cleanup and some repairs have begun and we have met with the insurance adjusters.

Exterior and Grounds: 

The light pole in front of the office broke and was replaced on Friday the 15th.  When the pole fell it took off the gutters on the front of the office.  The grounds were devastated with most trees down, shrubs destroyed and a huge tree from the lot next door breached the wall. On the east side of the property, the sewage enclosure was damaged and lattice work broken.  The fence behind the office and the Condo shed was torn down.  Bicycle shed lost the roof shingles, door ripped off the hinges and life vests strewn all over.  New lattice and bench were broken and twisted.

Tennis Court:

The fence was pushed in on the east and west side of the courts but the side fences are ok.


The Marina was washed out and lost some gravel along the dock on slip. Most of the light poles around the marina are leaning from the wind.  The boat ramp pier seemed raised in the middle from possible lifting of the high tide. There was a lot of eroding around the marina with a lot of gravel washing into the marina bed.  All boats, canoes and kayaks were untouched.

Pavilion and Pool:

Power to the pool is active but not running the pumps for the pool. The pool heater is questionable, it did sustain some damage and the fencing around the heater and tanks was destroyed.  Fans were damaged and blades are missing and one light cover is missing.  The bulletin board and most pool signs are gone. The pool lift electronic were compromised and will need to be replaced.  The soffit on the pavilion cupola is missing and blew away – one piece is on the roof of the pavilion.

Maintenance, Housekeeping and Landscaping shed:

All are fine and did not sustain water instruction or damage.  Housekeepers are doing all of the laundry as we speak.


All villas sustained shingle loss on the ridge caps.  One fish cleaning stand lost shingles.  Villa 7 sustained the most damage in the master bedroom the window blew in and the mattress and box spring are a loss, there’s damage to lights and closet door which were ripped off the hinges and some furniture damage.  Villa 19 had a window broken in the master bedroom however it is a double pane window and the second pane was not broken.  Villa 6 had a window partially blown in with minimal to no damage, just clean up. Villa 2 had interior ceiling damage.  There is some concern that the villa may have shifted.  The adjuster will have an engineer survey the villa. We are still assessing the damage to the other villas

As for the washers and dryers in the lower part of the units, some are working some are not.  Most sustained water damage from the storm surge and will probably need to be replaced.

Office and Apartment:

The office and apartment flooded with about 2-3 inches of water.

Although we have escaped major destruction, most of the Marathon area did not. Also most of our employees have personally sustained major damage to their homes and vehicles. We will continue to work hard in getting the resort back in order, however even when we are ready for opening, we will still need to wait until the area is ready to accept visitors.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We will continue to update the website and Facebook page as we receive more information.

HURRICANE DAMAGES UPDATE (9/13/2017 at 3:37 pm)


While we have still been unable to get any management or insurance personnel onsite at The Reef, we have been able to zoom in on the property through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website and it appears that the property as a whole, came through extremely well. We will not know the extent of water infiltration or other definitive damages, until we can physically assess, which is still unknown at this time.

Once we have access to the property it will take time to fully assess, identify damages, start repairs and clean the property before we can know an approximate date for guests to begin occupancy.

This image is an aerial screenshot of the property from

HURRICANE DAMAGES UPDATE (9/11/2017 at 9:42 am)

The Florida Keys were hit hard by Hurricane Irma, including The Reef at Marathon. Currently the Keys remain under a travel curfew and are impassible to the mainland.

As soon as our team is authorized to travel to the property we will begin our assessment of the damages and post updates as we receive them.

Reef at Marathon Resort has been evacuated and secured. We will remain closed until Irma passes and our staff is able to assess any damages that may be done by the storm.

Throughout this time we will continue to post updates here and on the homepage of our website as we receive any news.

Thank you to everyone who has sent thoughts, prayers and kind words.


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